Travel to Islamabad

Travel to Islamabad

Places To Visit In Islamabad At Night

Travel to Islamabad may you know Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan Islamabad is the most beautiful city in Pakistan In Islamabad the weather is very good no a lot of heat and no a lot cold In Islamabad In Islamabad Many Beautiful Places Where Mall road is very famous many people

gathering in night Fish Kadai Is The Most Famous Dish Of Travel to Islamabad is fish karahi Maal Road is very beautiful in the night Manny People Who Go to Read Men Main People and Tourism Go for Visit Mind Road and Faisal Mosque this Are Very Looking Good in the Night. Travel to Islamabad

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque Easy Very Famous Mosque in the World Main Tourist and People’s Travel to Islamabad to sea it Many people pray in it Special Jumma Day many people come to the posture namaz of Jumma Faisal Mosque is the Very Beautiful Mosque in the World Faisal Mosque is

Located in Islamabad Pakistan Faisu is a very famous mouse of Pakistan. And it is a very good history of Pakistan in it was built by Pakistan government in 2002. It has many historical stories it is the fifth largest mosque in the world. It is located in the foothills of marga la hills in Pakistan’s capital city in Islamabad.

saiful muluk lake

Faisal Malik is a very beautiful lake in the world Faisal muluk lake. Has very Crystal water many tourists come to Islamabad to see Faisal muluk lake. It is it has very pure water many kinds of fish easy for many tourists. And people come to come and see it and also fishing and enjoying the weather.

Faisal muluk lake many people come to fashion muluk lake in summer. Also, people come in winter to see it the weather. At Faisal look is very good like very e good Airfree atmosphere. At Faisal milk and you feel the Waves of air and you feel good. And you also enjoy it if you wish to come in the morning and afternoon. Your fish but you cannot come night at the Faisal muluk lake what is.

The reason I don’t know but you cannot come at the nightthe people are at Faisal muluk lake. They are pic you to the board pic You to tour the view of Faisal muluk lake. They are in the morning and afternoon at. The Faisal muluk have a duty to take the tourist to tour the view of Faisal muluk lake. They BQ from the land and drop you to the land of tattooing the fashion muluk lake.

if you go Islamabad must go to Faisal muluk lake if you not see the you have not see anything in Islamabad there are many e good places where tourist and people go to visit it but first look is very good excellent place where many tourist come from other countries to see it .


Islamabad is the very good place there are many places where you go and see it there are no has a very good places also many cities have good places in Pakistan but Islamabad is the only city of Pakistan where many places to go to people from Pakistan and other countries to see.

it may you go Islamabad and see the Faisal mosque and other places you may know where tourist and people come to see it also declared the good clean city of Pakistan Islamabad has also good peoples and educational peoples they are making good Islamabad day by day and also Pakistan may you go Islamabad and see these places
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